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Everybody knows that brands should be paid. The more popular a brand is, the more money is spent on it, much more than its real value. Please calculate why it is worth buying Lorin.

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We become ill more easily in winter, let's prevent it by using Hospi handwash liquids and Giro disinfectant.

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Is it problem for You to keep Your flat tidy with traditional methods, wash Your cloths and buy more products spending less money?
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I tried out Lorin products in the 90's for the first time, but I wasn't really satisfied with them so I changed to other products. Then, we spent our holiday in Slovakia at our relatives and we felt bedclothes smelling good. I asked Zsuzsi what kind of washing product and softener she used. I wanted to take some home with me. For my great surprise, she came to me with a bottle of Lorin Softener! What a small world, as the saying goes... Both... (Gitta, Tiszaújváros) go to next »